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July 17 2012 3 17 /07 /July /2012 11:08

 In today’s competitive scenario, there is completely no scope of inappropriateness and inaccessibility as it might result in giving an edge to the competitors. As of today, email has become such an essential part of any organization’s communication system that any complexity related to it is unbearable for smooth functioning of work process. Novell Groupwise is one of the cross-platform enabled messaging software that is widely used by large number of organizations for effective communication.

With the changing needs and requirements, the user may require migration of the user mailboxes of Novell Groupwise to Exchange server. Though it is an extremely simple and quick process by making use of a third party software but still sometimes there is not clean and accurate migration of Groupwise to Exchange. This can be well understood by considering an example.

Suppose a user attempts to migrate the mailboxes of entire organization from Novell to Exchange but after the completion of migration process he encounters that the archive folder is not migrated. This is because unlike MS Outlook, Novell Groupwise maintain the archive folder separately outside the mailbox and the administrator needs to move it separately. Because of the different structure of archive folder and mailbox folder, the simultaneous migration of both of them becomes difficult for any migration utility.

But Kernel for Groupwise to exchange is one such eminent and efficient utility which acts as Groupwise archive converter and ease the process of migration by migrating even the archive folders to PST files. This expeditious utility converts single and even multiple mailboxes in a single go and then saves the migrated mailboxes in PST files or Exchange user profiles. Moreover, this tool supports all versions of Exchange, Outlook and Groupwise. You can get more details about the software, you can visit: http://www.softwaredatarecovery.net/groupwisetopst.html

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January 6 2012 6 06 /01 /January /2012 08:06

MS Exchange Storage Group contains Exchange databases, transaction log files and the associated system files. Now the important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that mailbox store in general comprises of two important file formats: Priv1.edb and Priv1.stm, where Priv1.edb files contain the content of MAPI messages and attachments along with tables and other database objects. Well, if you are one of those database administrators, then it is very important that you backup the Microsoft Exchange Storage Group in order to stay away from Exchange Server Repair,but in most of the occasions attempts fail and receive 613 error message.

Usually, one gets to face this error - 613 messages when the Exchange database gets corrupt. Adding to that, you may have to face a similar situation when any third party application conflicts with the Exchange Server application which actually opposes the database from being backed up. The error specially occurs in Exchange Server 2000 and 2003.

Well, there is no need to worry! Even if you face or receive 613 error messages, you can still get rid of such messages easily. Perhaps, it is very important that first you decide the real reason or cause of the problem and hence rectify it. You can easily examine the system log or uninstall third party applications. But, in order to solve the current database corruption issue, it is very important that you restore the database from backup. And, just in case there is no valid backup, yet it is very much possible for you to repair the database by using EDB Recoverysoftware.

Though, there is option like running eseutil/p, eseutil/dand then isinteg – fixcommands to repair Exchange Server EDB file, but following this actionmay not be able to show you stable behavior of the deleted corrupted pages. Consequently, the best option that you can opt to overcome from such situation is use a proficient third party EDB Recovery utility like Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery tool. With this software you can successfully restore the deleted Exchange mailboxes and permanently deleted emails from the mailbox folder. What makes this tool the most suitable option for retrieving the lost or corrupt EDB file is its ability of recreating the entire EDB database which can be easily mounted to MS Exchange server. In fact, this is one such tool that extracts mailboxes from corrupt exchange database to .PST/.EDB files. Consequently, this procedure is very much safe and can help you accomplish valuableExchange Server Repairin almost every condition.

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October 31 2011 2 31 /10 /October /2011 08:45


As we all know that MS Outlook uses a PST file to store emails, notes, contacts, calendar items, tasks, journals, and more. As a matter of fact, corruption in these PST files leads to a number of issues.

A number of factors are responsible for corruption of Outlook PST files. Some of them are as follows: virus invasion, abrupt system shutdown, human errors, PST file exceeding 2 GB in size etc.

In case of Outlook PST file corruption, you need to use the last, valid, and proper backup to restore your valuable data. However, many a times, a proper and valid PST file back is not available. In such a scenario, you need to perform PST recovery using a professional and efficient Outlook PST repair tool.

Let’s consider a real life scenario wherein when you open MS Outlook, you fail to do so rather get the following error message:

Errors have been detected in the file. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool Outlook.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116.”

Now that we have come to know the error message, let’s check out as to what is the actual cause behind the occurrence of the aforementioned error message.

The primary cause behind the occurrence of the aforementioned error message is that your Outlook PST files have crossed the set size limit.

Now that we have come to know the reason behind the occurrence of the aforementioned error message, let’s check out as to how we can resolve the above mentioned error message.

Well, you can resolve the aforementioned issue and repair your damaged and corrupt Outlook PST files using a professional and efficient Outlook PST repair tool.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is a professional and proficient Outlook PST repair tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Outlook PST files and that too in an easy and efficient manner.

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July 5 2011 3 05 /07 /July /2011 09:19

Offline Storage Table (OST) file becomes inaccessible when user’s Outlook profile is deleted or damaged. Damage to the Outlook profile makes the OST file orphan, which cannot be opened using the new Outlook profile. That means the OST file becomes orphan and an orphan OST file cannot be opened with another Outlook profile.


One can open it using the same Outlook profile in which it was created. However, when the OST has become unusable, it does not mean that the user will ignore it because it contains important emails, contacts, notes, journals, etc. that cannot be easily recollected. Therefore, the solution for this is the convert OST to PST software.


The convert OST to PST software helps making unusable OST file usable by converting it to the PST file. The software scans the orphan OST file to recover all emails, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, drafts, sent items, etc. stored in it. Once all the items are recovered, the Kernel for OST to PST software displays them in a hierarchical pattern matching Outlook i.e. you will see the recovered data in the same format as you see in MS Outlook.


The software not only displays the recovered data but allows you to preview the same. To preview an email, you need to select the Inbox folder in the hierarchy. As soon as you will select the Inbox folder, all emails stored in it are enlisted in the software right panel. Select any of these emails for preview. The feature of displaying preview helps you to verify if the software has recovered the data with full accuracy or not.


Another benefit of displaying preview feature is the Convert OST to PST software is made available for free trial. The free version is fully functional with the capability to make unusable OST to usable PST file. However, there is a limitation attached with the software; it does not allow saving the recovered data. It allows you to preview the recovered data. By previewing the recovered data, you can confirm the software capabilities. After that you can purchase the software to convert OST to PST.

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March 25 2011 6 25 /03 /March /2011 05:57

You own a business and want to have a proper idea about every activity that occurs on your office computer system. But, the key question is – how you can perform this task? Being a manager, it is completely impractical to keep an eye on each employee and different activities that he or she does. In fact, it is nearly impossible to have a close watch on your each and every computer system 24/7. You need a dependable partner like computer monitoring software that can help you keep an eye on them. With this computer monitoring software, you can easily have a record of what your employees do in your absence.


Today, the usage of computer monitoring software has turned out a much debatable topic. In fact, questions have always been raised about its accuracy, efficiency and necessity. But, if we carefully look at the present scenario, the proliferation of the internet in the last few years has completely transformed the perception of many individuals. Right from online shopping, chatting to gaming, the internet has provided a complete new platform of entertainment. The recent statistics also shows that more than half of the total numbers of employees remain busy in using Internet for their personal use.


Without any doubt, this figure is not really good because you pay your employees for their hard labour. Any unwanted activity could easily affect their productivity. With the loss of time and productivity, it would directly result in the loss of thousands to millions of dollars. Therefore, it is very important that you ensure your employees perform properly and help the company in meeting its goal properly. Simultaneously, this is very much possible with the help of computer monitoring software.


Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such computer monitoring software that can help you view all the LIVE activities taking place on employee desktop. In fact, the utility displays desktop screens of many employees in one application on Network. Acting as computer monitoring software, this tool facilitates you with a surveillance camera that constantly points towards the desktop screen of employees.


What makes this tool a better and feasible option is its ability to perform an offline recording. Just in case, you are not present on your desktop you still have option to have offline recording. As a user, you can still record user activities and than save it to .AVI files. Apart from this, the most striking feature of this software is it allows you perform different administrative tasks like – restart, lock, remove wallpaper or start screensaver remotely on target computers. Nowadays, this software is available in demo version. You can use its demo version and get more familiar with its functionalities.

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February 3 2011 5 03 /02 /February /2011 10:36

It is very important to understand the fact that today taking backups has become very important and turn out to be very essential for overcoming disaster of losing data. In fact, it actually doesn’t matter whatever kind of hard drive you use, having an effective and secured backup system is very imperative to maintain the integrity of data and its security as well. Fortunately, acting as a storage media device, tape has constantly helped many individuals in taking proper backup.


It won’t be wrong to say that tape backups were the first and one of its own kinds of backup system that have been in use for many years. Not too long ago, tape backups were considered to be the most secured way to have backup of large amounts of data. In fact, these tape backups were also send it to an offsite location to ensure the safety of the data. The most important and key advantage of this method is that it is still the easiest way to backup data and moreover takes little effort. But, in recent years issues of data corruptions have raised questions on the potential and effectiveness of using a tape as data storage device.


Nevertheless, living in this technological world there are many who still use backup tapes. Perhaps, there are many pros of using tape as a storage or backup device that can’t be ignored and just in case you face situation of data corruption or damage that could affect your valuable data then there is always option of using tape recovery software. Developed for users that mainly use tape as a storage media, Tape recovery software is very helpful because such tool can easily retrieve data from all types of corrupted, damaged tapes cartridges such as LTO (Linear Tape Open), AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), DLT (Digital Linear Tap, DAT (Digital Audio Tape) tapes and any formats.


What makes this tool a more appropriate option is its efficiency to perform a complete scan of the damaged tape during the recovery process. And, once the scanning gets completed, this data recovery tool creates a complete image of the corrupt or damaged tape data. The tool finally lists the found files and folders from the created image file and the recovered files get displayed in a tree like structure.


Without any doubt, tape backups have always been a trustworthy way to backup data for a history of months or even years and with tape recovery software if you face any situation of data corruption then you could easily overcome. read more http://taperecoverysoftware.com/

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January 6 2011 5 06 /01 /January /2011 08:48

For every businesses, need of data backup is essential, this includes emails, attachments, documents, legal papers, contacts, appointments, tasks and much more crucial information. Generally business owners maintain back up for the data in removable storage media like pen drives, hard disks and the most important tapes.

Tapes provide user versatile purposes; it is an easiest and secured solution for data storage. Unfortunately in many cases user face disastrous data loss issues with their tapes.  Once the user has created back up for their entire data and has left the same backup copy next to the server it can destroy entire tape data. Companies often ignore destruction to their office properties in case of fire, flood or any other natural disaster. Other reason for tape damage include, heat, water and even mishandling of tapes by humans.

All the above mentioned risks can make the data completely inaccessible and user have to restart the process of collecting information like files, documents, contacts and important legal documents which is completely impossible in a practical scenario. Therefore, it is essential to plan the recovery option before hand; company owners should keep their backup tapes on an offsite location. Also owners can outsource their tape management services to professional tape storage service providers so that data is kept safely. Although, the idea of tape service provider might not suit everyone. In such cases switching to professional tape recovery software is a viable option.

Kernel Recovery for Tape allow users to retrieve data from all types of corrupt and damaged tape cartridges like DLT (Digital Linear Tape), LTO (Linear Tape Open), AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), DAT (Digital Audio Tape) tapes and any formats. The software will conduct a meticulous scanning of damaged tape and will create a complete image of tape data.

The tool makes use of advance and quick algorithms which restores lost files and folders from damaged tape. To get a detailed view on the software working users can avail its free evaluation version, it will work similar to complete version of tool but will have certain restrictions.

No matter what sort of Tape damage issues is faced by users, the tool is able to treat them all. The tape data recovery software has proved to be the most efficient and time saving utility, it will never hamper the original data formatting and restores data in fraction of seconds.

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December 7 2010 3 07 /12 /December /2010 12:38

Outlook Express is popularly being used as the most simplified email client. When one needs to create an email account in Outlook Express, he needs to enter the login and other details. At the time of email account creation, all relevant information like the username, password, mail server details etc. are feed in and the email account is created successfully. Username – password combination is also the means of applying password security for protecting Outlook Express email accounts from unauthorized use.


But mostly once the account is created and the moment all information (username, password) is entered, it is forgotten, or it might be written on a piece of paper that flies out of the window or lands in the waste paper basket. Now when you need to log-in the email account, you are left perplexed trying hard to remember the password; even recalling many times doesn’t work out. You start looking for the piece of paper where you have kept written the password but to no avail. You feel lost because you don't remember the login details of any of your email accounts. Also, there is no provision of retrieving lost of forgotten passwords of Outlook Express accounts by Microsoft.


So what could be done if one forgets the Outlook Express password for the email account? Well don’t lose heart. You can retrieve lost or forgotten Outlook Express password using professional and a freeware Outlook Express Password Recovery tool.


Kernel for Outlook Express Password Recovery software is totally a free utility for providing the user with lost Outlook Express email accounts’ passwords. The tool is extremely light weight, simple and highly effective tool to recover passwords of all email accounts of Outlook Express.


Kernel for Outlook Express Password Recovery supports almost all versions of MS Outlook Express namely 4.0 and above. Software provides INSTANT and multilingual password recovery. Moreover, software runs smoothly on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. So recover lost OE account password and get access to your email account without facing any problem.

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November 15 2010 2 15 /11 /November /2010 13:15

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a tool using which you can work on PDF files. This powerful tool can be downloaded from Internet to open and read PDF files without spending money. You can open a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader either by selecting File > Open option or by double-clicking the file. If you are trying to open the file by double-clicking then make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the default PDF viewer installed on computer. If you have more than one PDF viewer installed on your computer then the PDF may not open due to a conflict in the PDF viewers installed in your system or it may happen that PDF does not support audio, video, and images embedded in the file, if opened with any other PDF viewer than Adobe Reader.


If you have many PDF viewer installed on your computer then prefer to open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, sometimes it happen that you select Adobe Reader to open the file but you get an error message saying it is not a PDF file. You get that message due to one of the following reasons:

  • Required Random Access Memory is not available due to which Adobe Acrobat is not able to open the file. If this is the problem, increase RAM to open the file.
  • If you are opening the PDF using IE or any other browser then makes sure than only one PDF viewer is installed in your computer.
  • It may also happen that the PDF that you are trying to open is damaged due to which Adobe Reader is displaying an error message.

If PDF corruption is the issue, then repair PDF using a professional PDF repair tool to get rid of the error messages you are getting while opening PDF file. PDF can be damaged due to various reasons like abruptly closing Adobe Acrobat Reader while PDF is open, loss of network connectivity while transferring PDF over network, sudden system shut down when PDF is in use, virus attack, and many more.


A PDF repair tool uses advanced data recovery algorithm to enable you repairing corrupt PDF. The software quickly scans the damaged PDF file(s), repairs them, and save them at destined location from where you can open them with any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Kernel for PDF Repair is a professional, technically advanced, and fruitful PDF repair tool, which can repair “N” number of corrupt PDF files in one cycle. Whether the file is small or large, has minor corruption or major, Kernel for PDF Repair instantly repairs the PDF files, and provides you with repaired PDF files with full accuracy. The software can be installed on any version of Windows operating system.

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