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February 3 2011 5 03 /02 /February /2011 10:36

It is very important to understand the fact that today taking backups has become very important and turn out to be very essential for overcoming disaster of losing data. In fact, it actually doesn’t matter whatever kind of hard drive you use, having an effective and secured backup system is very imperative to maintain the integrity of data and its security as well. Fortunately, acting as a storage media device, tape has constantly helped many individuals in taking proper backup.


It won’t be wrong to say that tape backups were the first and one of its own kinds of backup system that have been in use for many years. Not too long ago, tape backups were considered to be the most secured way to have backup of large amounts of data. In fact, these tape backups were also send it to an offsite location to ensure the safety of the data. The most important and key advantage of this method is that it is still the easiest way to backup data and moreover takes little effort. But, in recent years issues of data corruptions have raised questions on the potential and effectiveness of using a tape as data storage device.


Nevertheless, living in this technological world there are many who still use backup tapes. Perhaps, there are many pros of using tape as a storage or backup device that can’t be ignored and just in case you face situation of data corruption or damage that could affect your valuable data then there is always option of using tape recovery software. Developed for users that mainly use tape as a storage media, Tape recovery software is very helpful because such tool can easily retrieve data from all types of corrupted, damaged tapes cartridges such as LTO (Linear Tape Open), AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), DLT (Digital Linear Tap, DAT (Digital Audio Tape) tapes and any formats.


What makes this tool a more appropriate option is its efficiency to perform a complete scan of the damaged tape during the recovery process. And, once the scanning gets completed, this data recovery tool creates a complete image of the corrupt or damaged tape data. The tool finally lists the found files and folders from the created image file and the recovered files get displayed in a tree like structure.


Without any doubt, tape backups have always been a trustworthy way to backup data for a history of months or even years and with tape recovery software if you face any situation of data corruption then you could easily overcome. read more http://taperecoverysoftware.com/

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