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March 25 2011 6 25 /03 /March /2011 05:57

You own a business and want to have a proper idea about every activity that occurs on your office computer system. But, the key question is – how you can perform this task? Being a manager, it is completely impractical to keep an eye on each employee and different activities that he or she does. In fact, it is nearly impossible to have a close watch on your each and every computer system 24/7. You need a dependable partner like computer monitoring software that can help you keep an eye on them. With this computer monitoring software, you can easily have a record of what your employees do in your absence.


Today, the usage of computer monitoring software has turned out a much debatable topic. In fact, questions have always been raised about its accuracy, efficiency and necessity. But, if we carefully look at the present scenario, the proliferation of the internet in the last few years has completely transformed the perception of many individuals. Right from online shopping, chatting to gaming, the internet has provided a complete new platform of entertainment. The recent statistics also shows that more than half of the total numbers of employees remain busy in using Internet for their personal use.


Without any doubt, this figure is not really good because you pay your employees for their hard labour. Any unwanted activity could easily affect their productivity. With the loss of time and productivity, it would directly result in the loss of thousands to millions of dollars. Therefore, it is very important that you ensure your employees perform properly and help the company in meeting its goal properly. Simultaneously, this is very much possible with the help of computer monitoring software.


Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such computer monitoring software that can help you view all the LIVE activities taking place on employee desktop. In fact, the utility displays desktop screens of many employees in one application on Network. Acting as computer monitoring software, this tool facilitates you with a surveillance camera that constantly points towards the desktop screen of employees.


What makes this tool a better and feasible option is its ability to perform an offline recording. Just in case, you are not present on your desktop you still have option to have offline recording. As a user, you can still record user activities and than save it to .AVI files. Apart from this, the most striking feature of this software is it allows you perform different administrative tasks like – restart, lock, remove wallpaper or start screensaver remotely on target computers. Nowadays, this software is available in demo version. You can use its demo version and get more familiar with its functionalities.

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January 6 2011 5 06 /01 /January /2011 08:48

For every businesses, need of data backup is essential, this includes emails, attachments, documents, legal papers, contacts, appointments, tasks and much more crucial information. Generally business owners maintain back up for the data in removable storage media like pen drives, hard disks and the most important tapes.

Tapes provide user versatile purposes; it is an easiest and secured solution for data storage. Unfortunately in many cases user face disastrous data loss issues with their tapes.  Once the user has created back up for their entire data and has left the same backup copy next to the server it can destroy entire tape data. Companies often ignore destruction to their office properties in case of fire, flood or any other natural disaster. Other reason for tape damage include, heat, water and even mishandling of tapes by humans.

All the above mentioned risks can make the data completely inaccessible and user have to restart the process of collecting information like files, documents, contacts and important legal documents which is completely impossible in a practical scenario. Therefore, it is essential to plan the recovery option before hand; company owners should keep their backup tapes on an offsite location. Also owners can outsource their tape management services to professional tape storage service providers so that data is kept safely. Although, the idea of tape service provider might not suit everyone. In such cases switching to professional tape recovery software is a viable option.

Kernel Recovery for Tape allow users to retrieve data from all types of corrupt and damaged tape cartridges like DLT (Digital Linear Tape), LTO (Linear Tape Open), AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), DAT (Digital Audio Tape) tapes and any formats. The software will conduct a meticulous scanning of damaged tape and will create a complete image of tape data.

The tool makes use of advance and quick algorithms which restores lost files and folders from damaged tape. To get a detailed view on the software working users can avail its free evaluation version, it will work similar to complete version of tool but will have certain restrictions.

No matter what sort of Tape damage issues is faced by users, the tool is able to treat them all. The tape data recovery software has proved to be the most efficient and time saving utility, it will never hamper the original data formatting and restores data in fraction of seconds.

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Published by datarecoverysoftware.over-blog.com - in Computer Monitoring Software
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